Discuss Complete Finance: Definition, Objectives, Functions, Roles and Responsibilities


In a company, of course, there are several employees who have an important role. related to the company's financial management. Employees are known as finance, where financial tasks need high accuracy. because this is related to the calculation of money owned by the company.

Finance or finance staff itself is a job that is sought after by graduates of economics degrees. Besides, his attractive salary offer, working indoors. it does not need much in the field, as well as dealing only with computers and numbers.

Understanding Finance 

In terms, finance is a science related to how to manage money. so that the condition is always stable and there are no flaws or advantages. 

Meanwhile, if it refers to the profession. then finance is a job related to the regulation and management of finances in a company. Thus, they work to check the entry and exit of company funds. and increase the allocation of such funds and the financial system in case of problems.

Career Path 

The finance department has quite a lot of career paths when joined in a company. Especially for a wide scope. Each level of the career ladder has a different amount of income. 

1. Junior Finance Department Staff. Junior Staff is novice staff for the finance department. Junior staff still do not hold big responsibility in doing financial reporting. Junior staff only carry out simple financial transactions. 

2. Senior Staff of the Finance Department. Has made a simple transaction. and make financial statements under the direction of the financial manager.

3. Finance Manager. The financial manager handles one small scope of finance. such as the issue of salary payments and external transaction payments.

4. Head of Finance. Responsible for one Finance Division. 

Function and Purpose 

Financial managers, of course, have their own functions and goals for the company. Among the most common functions are : 

Collecting Company Funds 

In a company, there will be many operational activities that need funds. so it must always be available To meet those needs. employees of the financial department serve to collect funds from the company. both from income, and loans to banks. 

Channeling Funds 

Distributing company funds is one of the tasks that must be done. If funds are needed for things that do not affect the progress of the company, then finance must be able to hold it. 

Managing Profits 

So that the company can be managed more advanced. The company's profits cannot be used for stagnant things. This is where the important function of a financial employee comes in. that is, to be able to think about advancing the company by managing the profits obtained. 

Submit a Policy The most important function of a financial officer. that is, to make a report related to policy, which will be taken to stabilize finances. Besides, they must be good at communicating with company leaders. and convince them to agree to the policy. 

Roles and Responsibilities

- Carry out company financial arrangements. 

- Conducting company financial transactions. 

- Inputting all financial transactions into the program. 

- Make payments to suppliers. - Liaising with internal and external parties related to the company's financial activities. 

- Controlling the financial activities / financial transactions of the company. 

- Make reports on the company's financial activities. 

- Receive documents from internal and external vendors.